Woman loses 10 stone and halves her body weight after years of bullying

Lilian 29 April 2019 A 21-year-old woman has been crowned Slimming World’s ‘Young Slimmer of the Year 2019’ after losing 10 stone and halving her body weight. Lucie Hadley, a school worker from Peterborough, weighed 19 stone (st) and three pounds (lbs) at her heaviest. Nowadays, she weighs just 9st 3lbs. READ MORE: Doctor warns women […]

Slimming pill that expands in the stomach could help fight obesity

Contributor; Lilian 29 April 2019 Scientists have created a breakthrough pill which may provide doctors with a new tool to tackle obesity. The capsules expand in the stomach when taken with water before lunch and dinner. The mixture of food and liquid creates a gel-like mass. This will give people the feeling of being full, even though […]

Long distance running: What effect does it have on your body?

Around 40,000 runners will take part in the London Marathon on Sunday 28 April 2019, with the aim of completing the gruelling 26.2 mile route. Most participants start training six to 12 months before the race, clocking up hundreds of miles before race day. But what impact does long distance running have on your body – and […]

Why some people stay slim no matter what they eat ?

Everyone knows someone who seems to be able to eat what they want, when they want and never put on weight. Case in point Ria Carroll from Essex, who was filmed for Channel 4’s ‘The Secret Lives of Slim People’ in a bid to find out how she maintains her slim 9st 4lb figure, despite doing […]

Why stress eating could be causing you to gain weight

Lilian 26 April 2019 Sometimes the only thing that gets us through a stressful day is a belly full of comfort food. But it could be time to step away from the Krispy Kremes because it turns out stress eating, particularly of calorific foods, leads to more weight gain than eating when you’re not stressed. A new study, published […]

Aerobic exercise can improve brain health in your 20s.

According to researchers, the study very well may be the first of its kind. April. 22, 2019, 18:09 PM GMT / Source: TODAY By Marguerite Ward For people age 55 and older, the benefits of exercise not only physical, but cognitive are clear. Numerous studies have documented the benefits of physical fitness in reducing the […]

What is your ‘real age’? Quiz from Dr. Oz determines health and longevity

Curious about how well you’re aging? We’ve created a quiz that helps to zero in on your “real age” — not your biological age. Feb. 14, 2019, 8:39 PM GMT / Source: TODAY By Dr. Oz Everyone wants to live a long healthy life, right? Well, working with your body’s internal clock could help you […]

Easy Ways to Exercise at Home or Workout Safely

Making Workout a part of LifeExtra fitness to keep healthy daily, hoe can it help ? By Classic Kelvin Sincerely you know is necessary for you: get off the bus stop or two early and walk the rest of the way to the house, or park your car at the far edge of the mall […]

A Full-Body Strength Workout for Beginners Weight Lifting

Lifting Weights Doesn’t Have To Be Complicated Sometimes Lifting weights for the first time can be a really intimidating prospect. There’s a seemingly endless list of strength-training exercises you can do, and often, trainers we follow on sites like to demo impressive, fancy moves that seem totally impossible to do if you’re picking up dumbbells […]


LOnward: Fitness for any stage in women. By Carol Sorgen, updated by Christian Kelvin Melanie McGill is the first to admit that she has never been athletic. But she was always active. There were kids to chase around, a dog to walk, house choice to do, market to go to in short, the busy life that […]